Our services

1 - IOSA audit

A comprehensive on-site audit of all airline operations specified in the IOSA Program and effective management of follow-up actions required to achieve the IOSA Registration.

6 - LOSAe audit

LOSAe est un programme conçu pour évaluer l’efficacité SGS et d’améliorer l’identification des dangers. Ce programme étend le concept original LOSA d’observation de la gestion des menaces et et des erreurs par les pilotes pour en faire un outil d’observation du personnel en ligne dans chaque domaine opérationnel. L’observation est l’outil principal utilisé par LOSAe, mais le programme inclut aussi d’autres éléments qui complètent et corrobent l’information: discussion post observations avec le personnel, sondages de sécurité, observation du SGS, analyse de risques.

2 - IOSA pre-audit (gap analysis)

An optional, on-site evaluation of all or selected operations that will adequately prepare an airline for an IOSA audit. This pre-audit will be customized to meet the customers’ needs and result in a confidential report that will highlight those areas where non-conformities exist.

3 - IOSA preparation (assistance)

  After an evaluation and upon request, we can provide assistance in developing and implementing actions to meet the IOSA program requirements. To avoid a conflict of interest, Quali-audit will not perform the IOSA audit following this engagement.

4 - ISAGO audit

Modeled on the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) framework, the IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) is meant to improve safety and reduce ground damage. ISAGO allows ground service providers to meet safety and quality requirements, and provide a competitive advantage in the market.

5 - ISSA audit

An On-site ISSA assessment performed by two auditors during two days leading the operator through the ISSA registration by IATA.

6 - LOSAe audit

LOSAe is a program designed to improve hazard identification and assess effectiveness. This audit expands the initial ICAO LOSA audit based on observation of flight crew Threat & Error Management to the observation of line personnel in all operational areas.

7 - Other audits

Additional audits within the full range of airline operations, including JAA, EASA, FAA, etc...

8 - IOSA Airline Auditor Training

Quali-audit is a Training Organisation to deliver the IOSA Airline Auditor Training course (IAAT). The IAAT course objectives are to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the IOSA Program, methodology and terminology, in order to effectively engage in IOSA audit activities and to develop auditor skills and techniques pertinent to the IOSA audits and comply with the ISARP ORG 3.4.13.

9 - Operational Management Training

The organization of the operational management in an airline is of utmost importance as regards operational safety, regulation compliance, efficiency, security and cost control.
Quali-audit, one of the IATA accredited Audit Organization (AO) to conduct IOSA audit and Endorsed Training Organization (ETO) to train IOSA auditors is providing specific training seminars for such airline operational management.

10 - Aviation Auditor Training

The Quality Auditor training is a specific training for Airlines operational Quality Assurance auditors. The principal objectives are to gain comprehensive knowledge and methodology of quality assurance in order to conduct operational audits.

11 - Other trainings (upon request)

Customized training programs for:
- Principles of quality
- Specific auditor training : Part 145, 147... 
- IOSA familiarization
- IOSA Programme Training
- SMS Training
- Human Factor
- Fatigue Risk Management